• Welcome To DREQA

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Welcome To DREQA

For The Fun Times

For the Happines

For The Love


"DREQA made our family a bajillion times better! The kids are playing it after dinner almost everyday and made our days worth living!"

Amy from New York City


Mary from San Fransisco

"Probably the best ping pong company to date! My family is obsessing over their great product and awesome customer service"

Rachel from New York City

"Genuinely a good company. Everyone is super kind and now we host family competitions from this one net"

Jeremy from Kansas City


Ping Pong has been proven to make every part of your body feel rejuvinated and revitalized! Our mission is to make sure families all over the globe feel that way anytime and anywhere! 

Why Us?

Our retractable nets allow you to play anywhere, and any how! Simply hold the net and attach to any table or surface. Then grab the paddles and ball and play!


Supporting Families All Year Round